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December 28, 2005



Good review. Similar thoughts. Although a bit of a theological slant away from Aslan as Christ in that he said that even he (Aslan) had to submit to the deep magic of Narnia. Not sure that exact idea is in Lewis' book. At any rate, it was meant to be accessable to the masses and it was. Those who knew it to be Christian could glean from it their themes and those who simply like fantasy could enjoy the show as well. Not as monumental as LOTR, but a good effort in the right direction. Thanks for sharing. lgp

cwv warrior

We finally saw it! It's funny, my family was equally shocked when I fell in love with Lord of the Rings, the movie, since I have never been fantasy inclined either. These ARE different. The Christian worldview makes it so.


I hate to imagine the changes that will be presented shortly, we have seen 3D movies in HD, BlueRay and want to see who will come after this I'm anxious.

frontline plus

it's a great thing to know about some people that still cares of us the readers, i mean, some people only wants to write about some stupid sh*t and treat the readers like we have nothing but air in our heads, i'm glad to see you're one of the others, the people who cares about a good substance content in their blogs, very nice of your part, thanks!!!!


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