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May 30, 2005


Rev John Telfer Brown

What an amazing story Wayne, and what an experience! It was interesting how he said that he never saw the love of of others until the loss, what an inditement on us to tell our families daily, how we love them. Great post, thank you.


cwv warrior

Just sent off a teary email to you.(Memorial Day stuff) Hadn't quite finished crying when I read this...God's mercy is evident, even in this crazy life we live.


Wayne, that was a great reminder. I feel humbled because I have been so focused on myself and my minor issues, when here is this man with a legitimate reason to be down, yet he chooses joy. Wow.

Wayne M

Hey John and others,
Thanks for stopping in. I think the comment on seeing the love of others is partly because of our very very very busy society with a huge lack of community. In my opionion this is a huge open door for ministry. No programs just hang with people and be community!



Wayne, thanks for linking this in my comment section. I'm glad you found me and thanks for the nice things you said. You're right, He has already blessed me. I'll keep looking you up.

Lyric Crossborn

Sorry, Wayne, I just realized, when I went looking for my post on this article and couldn't find it, that I tracked back to the wrong place (see above). You'll prolly want to delete that.

FYI new URL is http://crossborn.com if you want to update your link.


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