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April 21, 2005



Um, I have a question and an answer for you:

The question: how does one "generally" stand for absolute unchanging truth? (an oxymoron if there ever was one)

The answer: when it suits you.

James S

Go read the story again. The quote is "But Christian Conservatives generally stand for absolute unchanging truth." What this means is that most Christian conservatives stand for absolute truth. In other words, some that call themselves Christian conservatives do not stand for absolute true.
The original quote was looking at a large group and your comment was discussing a particular "one".

If you were not just being argumentative I sure you would have been able to see that.

Read more carefully next time.

James S.


So sometimes some conservatve Christians do not stand for absolute truth. They sound just like, yes, folks, they sound just like -- you got it, liberals! Hence, Wayne's thesis is kaput, and World Net Dailys' daily round of highly partisan junk is seen through again. Thank you, James, for your careful reading.

Hellman Jackson

I agree with all of this, except for the inclusion of the word "conservative". Why not just "Christian"- to encompass the many faith-based activists who have deeply principled positions on many issues that find them in favour of same-sex unions, against war, against the death penalty, in favour of the redistribution of wealth under progressive government programs. I know a number of committed christians who have been jailed for their faith-inspired efforts to disable military hardware. They have reached their beliefs through bible study and prayer, as followers of Christ.

Wayne M

Thanks for the comments.
The reason I include the word "conservative" is because there are many liberals that call themselves Christians. Some are indeed Christian most are not. (Wow and I going to get myself into trouble now). The reason that I can say that they are not is because they would disagree what is clearly taught in scripture and they disagree with the basic tenants of Orthodox Christianity.

I am attempting to be as concise as possible. It is the engineer in me.

Hellman Jackson

Dude, you are so far off the mark. Call yourself what you like, but your comment flies in the face of all non-fundamentalist theologians in the world, including the current Pope. But you already knew that, right?

Wayne M





Yes, I can very easily imagine John F. Kennedy supporting same sex marriages, just not in the 1960's. Personally, I think where America went off the rails was when it fell for the fake idealism of the Kennedy brothers.

Question: weren't a lot of the sex scandals that are coming to light in the Archdiocese of Boston going on under the tenure of John Cardinal cushing? The spiritual mentor of the Kennedys?

Was JFK really ever even elected, or did the Daly machine and the mob steal the Presidency for him? How come nobody but the NEw York Herald Tribune had the gongolez to pursure the story ( until Nixon asked them to back off because he would not want the Presidency under those terms?

Are you old enough to remember that there was never any concerted complaints against J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI until the Kennedys got in office? What were they afraid he knew that they had to discredit him beforehand?


Very interesting....
I was born just before JFK was shot, so no, I do not remember but I have read such ideas.

Rick Watson

Dear sirs:

You have a lot of good points and I agree with most of them, however I would ask you to pay closer attention to grammar and syntax. These kind of errors, although not essential to your points, can take away from the professional presentation I know you want to achieve. Below are a couple I noticed.

Weather (whether) it leads to debauchery and destruction or not

the list goes one and one (on and on).


Unchanging absolute truth. Thats not an Oxymoron. Where is the contradiction?


Wow, your all a bunch of whackjobs! Your article was filled with sweeping generalizations. I hope you dont construct your engineering projects like you construct your articles. God! What a mess that would be. Also, Abraham Lincoln thought that african americans were inferior to whites (despite having freed the slaves)... do you think he would still think that way, if he were alive in 2008? Of course not! You guys wouldnt know a critical thought if it broad sided you right in your ugly faces. As a final plea...please dont reproduce! For the good of society! FOR THE GOOD OF THE UNIVERSE!

Jim Smith

Thank you for your insightful comment AJ... Look how open minded the left is... wow..


I have family members that are liberals. They have no morals they hate fat people food and god and America.When A liberal don't like the facts they attack you with spelling or something like that. Oh and liberals favorite comment about any moral issue like teen pregnancy. Is "Well they will do it any way" Liberals make me sick!


What if Zeus was the main object of worship? What if Zeus followers wrote morning cartoon shows and held summer camps to brainwash your children into believing in Zeus? What if they wanted to force you to start slaughtering sheep on altars? What if they wanted you to pray to static electricity that decends from clouds before they would allow you to hold political office or start a school board meeting? What if they made lightening rods illegal? Wouldn't you hate to see them in politics?

Jim Smith

What if they built a great society, what if they built great schools, and hospitals and libraries... and great cultural institutions

What if they were the most generous, gracious, compassionate people on earth...
Which in fact Christians have been proven to be...
Then what????


If you are confused why liberals think the ways they think, please read the bible: Look it up for yourself.

Ecclesiastes 10:2
A wise man's heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man's heart directs him toward the left.


What about other people and their deeply principled positions on many issues? Jesus emphasized devotion to God and caring for one's neighbor. He would not care for the politicalization of scripture, nor his words and deeds.

Adam Johnson

I'm a graduate student doing political psychology research on this exact topic. If anyone would like to contribute to the research, it would be much appreciated. My contact and informed consent info are on the first page after you follow the link. http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22AGKARWP9N

Robert H. Smith

The political terms 'left and 'right' didn't appear until 1789 during the French Revolution where supporters of the King sat on his right and those opposed sat on his left. So using the passage from Ecclesiastes to support the right and put down the left is just foolish and embarrassing to those of us who chose to represent the 'right' with class and intelligence. For those that care 'left' was 'sinister' in Latin so the passage means 'do good, not evil'.

phentermine 37.5

I don't really "hate anyone. That is a very strong emotion I reserve for the very, very few who desrve it. It does however serve the best interests of the TPTB. If we could unite, in spite of our differences, think what a positive force we could be.

Wayne M

Actually I would recommend that we focus on our similarities and shared values.
In general that would be a much better option.

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