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April 18, 2005


D. Glassman

Why would G_D "mask" anything? The Intention of the TANAKH (the Old Test to you) is to make clear what is not. Its is PROVEN that ISAIAH 7, 9 and 53 is not about a Messiah nor your Jesus. Since I read my bible in original language there is NO Jesus in it. If you think there is a hidden message than please show me. The KJV was edited after 1550 after the council of trent and then published in 1611.. if you wish PROOF...www.messiahtruth.com This site compares the KJV and the REAL Translation of the TANAKH for Christians to see the TRUTH. You are free to believe in Jesus but to suggest the Jews have something hidden from them in their bible is 4th century propoganda from the council of Nicea...where your NT comes from.

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