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April 12, 2005



Lets see.

"My Shrarona" is a leading track on "one hit wonders"

John Fogarty was sued by the company that owned the copyrite to his first recording because "his music all sounds the same"

Its not just how short the play list is. Its that with all of the great rock and roll of the past 30 years GW has picked the most simplistic and repetitive.

Julie D.

Oh, I bet you don't listen to the lyrics? This sounds like a conversation I will have with my kids....

It certainly is one that I have with my teenagers (14 and 16) ... the worst thing is that Rose made a "mom mix" for my iPod because I refuse to listen to her radio stations ... after listening to the same song for many times I finally listened to the lyrics and was horrified ... brought it up to the girls and got these blank looks ... what? Turns out they couldn't understand most of the lyrics and never paid attention ... and didn't understand some of the references (and I sure wasn't gonna explain those to them!) :-)

a blogger

I guess we all have the same problems...


can you delete songs on your ipod?

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