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May 11, 2010



Great pictures on your site. Can you tell me how you got started in photography and a little about your background? I am also interested in what type of equipment you use and recommend. Thanks for showing. I am venturing
venturing amateur and hope to get better but also realize that I have a long way to go.

Wayne M

I am actually a software engineer by career and that is what currently pays most of the bills because I am at the expensive part of life when I have kids in college, kids getting married and more kids moving towards college.

Anyway, I remember shooting way back in college. I shot with a 35mm camera and three lenses, a zoom a 50mm prime and a wider angle lens. I remember how people responded to my images and I knew I was creating something special. But then, the camera went away after graduation.

Recently, about 6 yrs ago, I got a point and shoot camera for the family and I started shooting again. I took a class from the local community education on basic photography. I remember thinking my camera was pretty darn limited, but at the same time I was producing images better than everyone in the class except one other tech geek (like me). So the dream started to upgrade to that better camera. Shortly after that I bought my first digital SLR, I happened to go Canon because I did not know any better, I now have a Canon 5D Mark II and I have about the same lenses I had back in college. Remember, as long as you have enough camera to do the basics of manual control almost any camera would do for artistic photography. Also my most famous picture to date was taken with that first point and shoot camera so camera is not that important. The eye of the photographer is much more important.

About three years ago I took a photography course from New York Institute of photography http://www.nyip.com/ . I never actually finished it but I did learn an abundance of great information about the basics of the art of photography. This made my skills and my craft explode.

I also learned the skill of HDR Photography (see more here http://qandablog.typepad.com/questions_and_answers/2007/04/photo_of_the_da_1.html)

Most recently I took a lighting class at my local technical college. That class taught me the skills I needed to do read studio work with all the studio lights. Again, this was a major advance in my photography skills.

I hope this helps.


Great feedback. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am looking a taking my first DSLR course at a local community college this summer and hope to get the ball rolling that way. I really don't know anything right now, so anything helps. Your perspective I something I really needed to hear.

Thanks again.

Wayne M

That is a great way to start.. all the best and don't hesitate to contact me and ask questions.

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