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January 23, 2006



While I have no personal axe to grind on the abortion issue, either way, zealots and those who would hypocritically stand in the public square and profess to be speaking for God, and who seek to infringe upon individual rights, and another's personal relationship with God ... those same folks make an easy target for poking sticks at the animals [so-to-speak].

I am reasonably confident that those who fail to recognize the LOG in their own eyes, and who take it upon themselves to publically speak for God, against God's other children, whose eyes appear to them, to contains specks, well, those folks are highly likely to find themselves desparately begging for God's mercy come judgement day.

cwv warrior

Praise God! We will give Him all the glory if this pans out!
DA, we ARE speaking for God. The judgment is toward the lawmakers/ judges who have taken this country on wayward paths. How can God be pro-death? Do you know Him?


Wow u are a self-righteous bunch.

is God just for the life of the unborn, or does He believe in the sanctity of all life?

Does He believe in a better life for those who are alive?
and does He believe in the promise of the life yet to come.

Pro-death ... God has the power over life and death and isn't taking up your fight for you.

This is just going to lead to a lot of unwanted children, higher crime and poverty, and all of you saying these unwanted people should pull themselves up by the boot straps and take responsibility for themselves.

God -- I would be a follower of Christ if it weren't for all of the Christians -- to paraphrase Ghandi.


Don't know what to say really. People asserting that God wants this or that and legally demanding codification of his desires...Do you think that God is so weak that he needs your help on this? Created the entire universe, sent his only son (aren't we all his children), and keeps the sun burning bright day and night...you're a fruit if you think God is watching you and even cares about your pitiful attempts at moralizing. It's too bad, the christian right apparently wants to cause a revolution, because that is what your asking for by passing laws like this. I wish Jesus had stayed dead...


What can I possibly say?


I find it amazing that so many people claim to speak for the desires of their god. I also find it mightily convenient that their god's alleged will coincides so perfectly with their own. Feh.

Informed Opinion

As a follower of Christ I find that I am continually becoming aware of my many faults and shortcomings. (That is why I came to Christ in the first place.) I have found that I must surrender my will, my self-interest ... mySELF to Him daily. As I conform to God's will as demonstrated through His son Jesus Christ, I gradually take on God's will and leave my own behind. This process is called sanctification. It is a mystery but a reality. God's Word provides clear guidance that He considers life in the womb with the same value as anyone already born.

Setting theology aside, it seems pretty obvious that a fetus is also a human life and worthy of protection. If we are truly "evolving" as a species, culture and society shouldn't we hold life more sacred rather than less sacred through the years. Since Roe vs. Wade, we have sacrificed 32.5 million children at the altars of selfishness, free love and convienience. That is a number equal to the current population of Canada. How many great scientists, writers, entertainers, policitians or doctors will we never meet because of this? Is this the way we improve our world? Is is possible we made a mistake on January 22, 1973? I believe so.

A Genuine Citizen of South Dakota


Specious reasoning! How many criminals and wastrels will we never meet, either? There's no shortage of people. I'm not advocating abortion as the first method of birth control, but I seriously object to this kind of argument that every new clump of non-sentient cells in the next pope. If we seriously valued human life, we'd not only be evaluating abortion, but we'd evaluate the harm caused by blind reproductionism as well. What would happen if every potential for life was fulfilled? As it -is- we can't provide sufficiently for all the lives that have already come into the world. Wouldn't it be more prudent to worry about those humans born already?

If you would have every child born, if you would say that life is precious, you should be willing to follow up.


God is all knowing. He knows the past, present, and future. He is mighty enough to guide us as spiritual beings to the events that mark our lives.
How can people be arrogant enough to assume that life starts and stops on this physical plane we call earth. Could it be that when someone decides to abort their child, there is a reason behind that decision that supercedes the "selfish" decision of the individual? Could it be that God's hand is a guide in that decision? Maybe the unborn child wasn't meant to be brought to full term, but in turn, was meant to be born at a later time. I don't think anyone has the answers to these questions but God himself. Do you speak for him?

Legally outlawing abortion is not going to stop the practice but will only drive it underground. The wealthy, who can afford to travel overseas, will continue to obtain abortions when they want to as they have always done pre-Roe v. Wade. In certain latin American countries where abortion is banned outright, there are a higher percentage of abortions carried out than in countries where abortions are legal. This could be due to the social and political atmosphere of the country in terms of whether women's health care and repoductive health services are readily available. Anyone naive enough to think that the amount of lives saved directly correlates to the amount of lives lost under a legalized abortion system will be in for a rude awakening if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned.

Another Real South Dakotan

I am appalled that my State legislature would believe that religion should be legislated. No one has the almighty Authority to judge a persons action except God himself. Because there are arguments in scripture for and against the life of a fetus as well as a human, it is impossible to derive what the Bible actually wants us to believe on the specific issue. I am a religious person but I also know that if we legislate morality we are going to end up in a theocracy which will escalate us into wars and such with countries that support conflicting religions. I also believe that the United States of America is the land of the free and if this law passes it would prohibit rights granted to American citizens, in other words regress back into the early 1900's when women hardly had rights. Further more I believe that people who think their duty is to spread the word of God because he told them, to be an ignorant breed of people who use the Bible as a crutch in life and not as a tool to use for the betterment of their person both spiritually as well as bodily. This law is proclaiming that we the people will make decisions for women because we know better, when again there is no one on this green earth who knows better than the rest. I will not judge a person on what they do until I have a vested interest in it myself. No one has the right to come into my life and tell me that I cannot do as I please unless I subjugate my life into the rules. The Unites States must remain free.

Wayne M

Another Real South Dakotan,

All legislation is a legislation of morality.

1. Our murder laws are legislating morality

2. Our burglary laws are legislating morality.

3. Our traffic laws are legislating morality based on the value of life and property.

4. Social security is one way to attempt to care for the least of these.

Please show me were in the Bible it argues for killing a fetus or a baby?

You need to work on your clear thinking a little.

Another Real South Dakotan

Wayne M

How many of the 10 commandments are made into law. Adultury?..no, Swearing (Taking the lords name in vain)?...no, Worshipping idol gods...no, Lying?...no, Honoring your parents?...no, Working on Sunday?...no. The point is that the bible is the source of Christian Morality. Just because there is a protection against murder and such within a society isn't because it came from the bible. Ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt etc. All had laws against such "bad" things but of course the bible wasn't written yet. Social issues are also the bain of politics and not religion. You cannot classify all good laws as moral/religious because those laws would have taken place despite religion (again look to historical examples). Further more I can perfectly see your narrow mindedness because of your firm belief in religion. This is not a bad thing but it does make you come across as someone who thinks they can tell someone else what to think as well as criticize them. So in other words I would like to thank you for making true my original point about the conservative religious. Please do not tell anyone to think clearly when you do not understand both sides of the issue. Also make sure you know what you are talking about before you decide to post because you could get caught in a paradox as you have proven that the religious try to think they are the morally correct persons when you have no authority to tell me what I do, know or think. This is exactly what I am talking about when America needs to remain free. Free from the types of people who want to bring the bible into the government.

Wayne M

South Dakota,
I did not say all of the Bible has been or should be codified into law, I said all laws are a legislation of morality. There is a huge difference.

Let's think and communicate clearly now.


Amazing (not really when you think about it) how many people argue so hard for maintaining the status quo. Sounds to me like the only freedom that matters to most of you is the freedom to do want you want. I guess if there's no way of defining what is right or wrong then hey we're all free! Sweet!

Kit B. Talich

It scares me that my state is not doing more to keep college graduates in this state, and fighting such useless battles. I highy doubt a million dollars will get this done. My view, stay the F*CK out of my life and worry more about you own kids! Lets work on finding a home for the children that would have been aborted, one example is the ones in the Foster homes. What is it about christians that make them think they have to save everyone everwhere? As far as I can tell they just want more warriors for their holy wars with the Muslims. Hope I made most of you mad, as this bill has done me. Good Day


"Please show me were in the Bible it argues for killing a fetus or a baby?"

1 Samuel 15:3 (KJV)
"Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass."

(That's a command from god, btw.)


Unfettered religiosity is a state of mental illness.


One wonders, with the availability of contraceptives, why do we still have so many abortions? I can see abortion due to rape and incest, but otherwise, due to contraceptives, it is uncalled for. Shotgun weddings, which we see so few of these days, but were the unspoken glue that instilled responsibility for both man and women, would not be such a bad thing. Not that it should be legislated, but it would probably make a comeback if abortions were restricted. Would it be so bad if society demanded responsibility?

Adrian Porime

Your abortion ban is a disgrace. America is supposed to be the most advanced country in the world and yet you come with these medieval conceptions. When will you pass a law that authorizes witch hunts? I think a child who is raised without love is worse than a dead child. If you oblige people to raise unwanted children, then congratulations, you've just laid the basis for a new generation of serial killers. That's a genuine American phenomenon too, isn't it?


i believe in god, but my god is kind & compassionate. he would understand my need for an abortion if i were the victim of rape or incest. to force the innocent victim of a serious
crime to carry a rapist's child to term is cruel & unusual punishment. and allowing the rapist 50% of the rights to that child is sheer lunacy. why is the law more concerned with protecting the rights of the rapists & sexual predators that it's victims? (mother & unborn child included). according to the people wanting to pass this law, they must think rapists make a wonderful parents. i would like to ask them what kind of world they're bringing a child like that into? life is hard enough even when you're wanted & conceived out of love. if abortion is banned, millions of children are going to end up homeless, abandoned & abused, with their rapist fathers in jail. and the women who were forced to have those children after being victims of rape or incest will have their own lives ruined beyond repair too. it should be a crime to force a woman to carry a rapist's child to term & then make her share parental rights with a monster. if men were the ones being directly affected by banning abortion in this way, it would never happen in a million years. and that's the sad, sad truth about the state of this country. woman are becoming 2nd class citizens once
again. welcome to the 21st century.


I support this legislation, and I hope that it is followed by social service programs to benefit the mothers who would have previously turned to abortion. Many of these women feel love for the new lives inside of them, but don't have the means to properly care for a child. At the same time, they often aren't even aware of the help that is out there. As a 22 year-old single mother in college, I know what I am talking about. When I was pregnant, I looked abortion straight in the face, as I sat in a clinic. I paid for my abortion and everything. But something inside moved me to leave that clinic, and I have not regretted it for one second in the three years that have passed. I made it; these women can too, they just need some help. Let's support social programs that won't make abortion seem like the only hope to a scared, single, pregnant young mother. We have more than enough in this country to go around, and I would more than gladly do everything I can to make a positive mark on this world, and to set an example for my own son.

Wayne M

I find it so interesting that so much tension and fear and may I say hatred is being spewed by those that support the killing of the unborn. Aren't you guys supposed to be loving and inclusive and open minded? It's the conservatives that are supposed to be mean. OOOOhhhh, the real truth is coming out.

Wayne M

Not a righty,
This is the first time I have agreed with you in a long time. Welcome to the right side....lol

Wayne M

Who is talking anything about "Unfettered religiosity?" What the hell is that anyway?

The real issue is, science has proven beyound a shadow of a doubt that a "fetus" is a little fully human person, viable at as early as 20 weeks, and soon it will be earlier yet. The insane position is to think it is ok to kill that at will.

In fact, liberalism is a mental disease.

Wayne M

In that nice quote of yours you failed to ask or show why God was ordering the killing of all those people.

People cause they were wicked and debauched, like the modern day liberals.

that is not what is going on with abortion today.

Remember, in scripture contents is always important.

Wayne M

Kit B. Talich,
A better fix would be reduce the sex outside of marriage so there are fewer unwanted babies. This is a moral issue.

Also, eliminate nofault divorce laws which would end easy divorce which would also reduce single mother poverty.

What you people cant see is that all these "unwanted babies" are being cause by poor moral decisions. Change the moral decision making and the problem will be solved.


"I think a child who is raised without love is worse than a dead child"

No, a dead child is much worse. Get a grip.


here's a question for leigh & wayne. do you think rapists & men who commit incest make good parents? do you think they should have the right to a child which was conceived due to the heinous crime they committed? do you think a woman should be forced to carry & love a child created by the monster who raped them? if you or your children were the victim of such crimes would you torture them by making them continue their pregnancies?


"In fact, liberalism is a mental disease."

Oh really? Whoring for blog activity I see. You know you will win converts by denigrating people who have just as much integrity and morality as you think you do. This is what is so troubling about todays conservative Christians -- they think "absolute truth" is strictly their own -- umm - that is the message of radical Islamic fundamentalism. No thank you.

Another Real South Dakotan

I find the Christian Right (Which is neither Christian nor right) to be the most upset about this issue. Just because you believe in almighty God in the most compassionate way possible (I believe in God however I have to agree God is a temperate being) you think that you are more "moral" and thus better a person than those who have opposing views. I challenge everyone to ask themselves what authority you have over another person. What makes you the "better human being" than say myself or someone who is more open minded about society. If you can tell me that you are better than me and prove it than I will listen. But because all men are created equal and in Gods eyes everyone is equal I find it hard to believe someone can pull that off. The point is everyone can have personal opinions about abortion and responsibility but why do we have to take away the rights of American citizens in the process? Why must we enslave people for misfortunes such as rape or unwanted pregnancy when God will determine their virtue on judgment day and not people who believe they are the right hand of God?

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