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October 20, 2005



sweet, that's awesome! that's so so cool. man i wish i had been there. seriously "black" music is awesome, especially when used to worship God. i've got a few friends from africa who are studyin here in scotland at my uni and i love spendin time with them listenin to their worship music. i'm glad your hooked. :o) the enthusiasim is so much fun. and i think God loves it when we have fun worshippin Him. :o)

Rev John Telfer Brown

Great post Wayne, I really enjoyed it, I actually thought I was in your Church! :) I pray everything goes well for the conference.



WOW! What a treat for you! I think you should put an audio clip on here of you singing some sassy gospel!

Wayne M

Now that would make me learn something...lol Good ideal John

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