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July 27, 2005


Rowena D'souza

If Peter isn't given the keys to heaven then why did JESUS say to Peter "Whatever you shall permit on Earth shall be Permitted in heaven,and whatever you shall restrict on Earth shall be restricted in heaven

Jim Smith

Jesus was talking about forgiveness in general. If we do not for a person of a wrong it stays bound here on earth and frankly eveyrthing gets all bound up. That is where hate and all kinds of mental deseases come from.


Does Jesus say that with the key you will have the power to change the gospel? commit sexual abuse etc..?


Just a little point i wanted to share. When reading the bible we have to be consistent with the meanings of the symbolic terms. After reading the following texts you will discover the 'rock' is Jesus, not the earth. 1 Cor 10:4, 3:10-14, Gen 49:24, Deut 32:4, 2 Sam 22:47, Is 28:16, 26:4. Reading Matt 16 using the orginal texts, is basicaly Jesus telling peter he is a pebble (or stone), part of the rock, just as every christian is a part of God. The 'church' translates to God's people (all the stones). Being a part of God's Church, or a stone, christians have the duty to spread the word of God.

Mike Moore

The scripture says whatever you restrict on earth, the actual term here is whatever you bind on earth shall also be bound in Heaven. What Jesus was refering to here is the power of prayer and that if we have hate in our hearts toward someone here on earth, then our prayers are not effective in the heavenly places as we are "binding" the Holy Spirit that dwells within us.
Also, when Jesus mentioned the "keys" to Peter, He was refering to Biblical Principals, not actual keys.


Clearly, Jesus gave Peter the keys.

This is a reference to Isaiah 22.

Peter is the representative of the Church on earth. The keys given to Peter also signify succession, as they did in Isaiah 22.

Jesus wants us to be one as he and the father are one.

This is only possible if we are united in truth with regard to faith and morals.

Unity is only possible in the Church Jesus founded.


Interesting thoughts! I believe that Jesus was being literal to Peter. Whatsoever Peter spoke here on earth, was done in heaven! On the day of Pentecost, Peter arose and said, "Repent, and be baptized EVERY ONE of YOU in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST FOR THE REMISSION(GONE) OF SINS, and ye shall(must) receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!"

Pretty simple...

Wayne M

So I am thinking you must be a Catholic. ;-D

Erwin Kraay "thecollector"

Hi there everyone, the author of this article is pretty right on the money about Peter and Jesus in general.Jesus (and his teachings) is the only sure way to heaven.Peter is "just" a tool, but because he has been given alot of info he may keep teaching the words of Jesus, bearing in mind that Jesus always said that "NOBODY" may add or substract anything from what he has tought them, consequences of adding "something" (any law) here on Earth would be that we would be bound to the "added law" by heaven too.Hence Jesus many times said that if you can't abide by the Heavenly rules you should at least abide by the rules society has put on itself, we all know that we have not done a great job at that one either. Hence again the words "if you rule with 2 measures you will be judged by 2 measures" I invite you all to do some soulsearching and I am sure if you're true to yourselves the outcome won't be very pretty. But I will gladly assist you in your search for the "gates", it doesn't matter who's at the "gates" it's the 3 questions you will be asked that matters, because you can't fool yourself,that being said here we go. 1: Can you forgive your enemies? 2: Can you embrace your enemies? 3: Can you forgive yourself?
The order of the questions are not so important as to the answers themselves, point is you will judge yourself if you are worthy of passing trough. This I obtained by reading very carefully and by cracking (accidentally/reverse-engineering) the keys of David in Revelations. Thank you very much for your patience in reading this, I wish you all well.

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